different game studio

education for the 21st-century

We believe video games can be the most powerful educational tool ever created if appropriately used. Video games can let students walk through U.S. history instead of having to visualize it from reading a book. Our goal is to create video games for every school subject. These subjects would include math, history, English, and music. We still believe every student should read as many books as possible because books are valuable knowledge. However, students should also be allowed to visualize what they just read, play as those characters, and walk in their footsteps. We believe learning needs to become three-dimensional to compete against our entertainment-driven society. We are using state of the art game development equipment to build the best experience possible. This is the first part of the equation. The second part is caring for these students and wanting them to succeed in whatever they do in life. We want to help as many students as we can because we care about people. Anyone can learn anything with the right teacher and with just the right amount of encouragement.

President and Founder - Justin Gedeon